Virtual Grand Rounds

March Virtual Grand Rounds: Identifying Genetic Etiologies Of Intellectual Disability and Autism Spectrum Disorder on Mar 5, 2019 8:00 PM EST

Presentation Description:

Identifying the cause of an intellectual disability and/or autism spectrum disorder can be useful in providing a name for a condition, which in turn may lead to finding support from others with the same condition in their family.  It may provide knowledge regarding associated medical concerns, current and future, as well as inheritance patterns and, in a minority of situations, information on treatment.  This presentation will provide an overview of the approach to genetic assessment and testing of children and adults with intellectual disability, developmental delay and/or autism spectrum disorder.  We will review some specific conditions as examples of this approach and address the improved diagnostic capacity that next generation sequencing tools provide.


Dr Forster-Gibson completed a post-doctoral clinical training program in Developmental Disabilities at Queen’s University in Kingston in 1997 and was the Program Director of the Developmental Disabilities Post-Graduate Year 3 Program, in the Department of Family Medicine at Queen’s from 2008-2010.  She has practiced as a GP, practicing in Clinical Genetics for 25 years, with affiliations with the Developmental Disabilities Consulting Program at Queen’s University and currently with Trillium Health Partners in Mississauga, with a focus on genetic assessment of children and adults with developmental delay.  She contributed to the development of the Canadian Consensus Guidelines for Primary Care of Adults with Developmental Disabilities, led by Dr William Sullivan, and was lead author of a number of Primary Care Tools (Health Watch Tables), designed to give guidance to primary care providers in caring for persons who have specific genetic concerns associated with developmental delay.


ThAAA Members,

The Association was recently contacted about an opportunity to travel and work with a seating clinic in Kenya.  Here is the information:

Opportunity to go to Kenya with a well-run organization and assist building seating systems/ wheelchairs for children. Occupational Therapists will be on site and needed  as well. Spread the word.

2 Weeks yearly in April and August a team goes to a compound in Kenya.  Check out the websites.  Great memories you won’t ever forget when you see what joy your skills can bring to children who have never had a wheelchair.

The website is https://www.atcatalyst.org/

The information for those traveling is under https://www.atcatalyst.org/travel

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The Society of Alberta Occupational Therapists (SAOT) acknowledges the important mandate of the Therapy Assistant Association of Alberta (THAAA) and the valuable contributions that therapy assistants offer to occupational therapists in Alberta.

As a member of THAAA, you have demonstrated an ongoing commitment to your profession. SAOT is aware that professional development opportunities for therapy assistants in Alberta are not always readily available. SAOT offers several professional development workshops each year, and some of these workshops would benefit therapy assistants working in a variety of practice settings. As such, SAOT’s Education Committee will now offer members of THAAA reduced registration fees on workshops that the Committee deems are appropriate and relevant for therapy assistants.

The following upcoming SAOT workshops may be of interest to THAAA members:

Chronic Pain Management

May 3, 2019


This is a dynamic, interactive workshop with an emphasis on making a complex, biopsychosocial experience and its treatment easier to explain to your colleagues and clients. It includes group learning and small group discussion and problem solving. Stories and metaphors will be used to illustrate concepts. You will apply the information provided in the workshop to case examples. Discussion of the participants’ various practice environments will add further opportunity to apply this learning to real world clients and settings.

THAAA Member Rate: $200

Register at www.saot.ca

Getting Kids “In-Sync” at Home and School

June 14, 2019


Some children resist participating in family and school activities or respond in unusual ways to ordinary sensations of touch and movement, sights and sounds. Because of a common disability called Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), they don’t behave as we expect – not because they won’t, but because they can’t.

SPD interferes with the neurological process of organizing information about ordinary sensations that we get from our body and environment to use in daily life.  A child, adolescent or adult with SPD may have difficulty using sensory messages from one or more of the eight sensory systems of touch, sight, sound, smell, taste, movement, body position, and internal organs. Fortunately, there are many simple and enjoyable ways that parents, teachers, therapists and others who care for out-of-sync individuals can recognize and cope with their sensory challenges.

THAAA Member Rate: $175

Register at www.saot.ca

Seating & Mobility – Adult & Geriatric Populations (link: https://www.saot.ca/event/seating-mobility-adult-and-geriatric-populations/ )

February 23/24, 2019


Chronic Pain Management (link: https://www.saot.ca/event/chronic-pain-management/ )

May 3, 2019


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I want to welcome all ThAAA members to the 2019 year and my wishes for a productive and good year to all.  As the 2019 AGM is still pending for us in May, I will keep the message below active.  Please encourage TA’s to attend the conference and, also crucial, please send the Call for Speakers form (below) to those you feel would be good presenters or who have material pertinent to TA’s that they could share at the AGM.

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       Save the Date

May 3, 2019

ThAAA 12th Annual Education Day

Red Deer, Alberta

Theme: TA’s on the Move

The Call for Speakers is now open.  Look under the menu heading “FORMS” to download a .pdf or .doc “Call for Speakers” form.  Please send completed forms to promotions@thaaa.ca by January 31, 2019 for consideration.

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