Celebrating 10 Years!

Hooray for long days of summer and sunshine!

We had a fantastic Education Day we had on May 5th in Red Deer, AB with a record-breaking total of 111 people attending the education sessions and 64 attendees at the Awards celebration that evening.  Photos taken during the day can be viewed in the “Photo Gallery”.

Congratulations to our 2017 Award recipients:

Leadership Award: Catherine Young

Student Mentor Award: Laurel Basso

Student Award: Michelle Heusser

Long Term Service Award: Virg Pona

Outstanding Team Practice Award: “Calgary Stroke and Brain Injury Early Supported Discharge Team”  Melanie Belansky, Renee Santha, Shannon Bourbonniere, Crystal Gulmick, Kate Taplin, Arnika Jahnke, Cassandra Flickinger

Outstanding Practitioner Award:  Clarence Iglesias


We are excited to welcome new Board Members. Jessica Lomas, (former Student Advisory Committee Member) she will be stepping in as Treasurer, replacing Therese Lagroix-Brown and our new Registrar is Mathew Hill, replacing Justine Ferguson.  The Promotions Committee has grown from 3 members to 7 members, which is absolutely fantastic!  With the addition of Aggie Green, Teresa Brens, Nicole Sather and Michelle Heusser, I’m sure they will have many new ideas to bring forth!  We have no members on the Student Advisory Committee at this time.

A new Committee was introduced, the Regulations Committee, comprising of Therese Lagroix-Brown, Dominique Bailey, Jacinthe Vetsch, Rachel McFaul, Celine Jensen and our Board Member Representative Mathew Hill.  This committee will be reviewing updates on what it takes for us to become a “Regulated Profession”.  They will really take a indepth look at the Pro’s and Con’s of what it means to become a regulated entity and how this will affect current and future TA’s as well as how it will effect services throughout Alberta.   The Committee will then bring back the information they gathered to our members for discussion on whether or not this is still something that the Association wants to work towards.

Reminder: fees are due for the 2017/2018 membership year. If you have not already done so forms can be sent via email to registrar@thaaa.ca or printed and mailed to the address on the form.  Payment can be made via PayPal on our website or by mailing a cheque along with your completed form.

Currently, the online form submission link is not working and under repair.  The printable version of the forms can be submitted via email or Canada Post, payment is still available through the PayPal button on the right side of our web page or by sending a cheque.

ThAAA does have Professional Grant money available which ThAAA members can apply for.  We offer 3 grants of up to $150 each per year. The Association must receive the application on or before the submission deadline dates, which are: January 31st, May 31st and September 30th. We are accepting grant applications now for the upcoming September 30st, deadline. For complete details please see the link below:


I hope everyone has an enjoyable summer.


Lisa Reid, President

Therapy Assistant Association of Alberta

(updated 10 June 2017)

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