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The effects of COVID-19 are still being felt the world over.  Even if you may not know someone personally who has had the illness or felt its cold grip, we have all felt the destructive effects it has wreaked on the world economies and our day-to-day lives.  In order to help alleviate some of the financial burden being placed on the lives of TA’s all over Alberta, ThAAA is now offering all memberships, New and Renewals, at 1/2 price, beginning October 1, 2020, until a date yet to be determined in the future.

It’s not a huge savings, but it is a change the ThAAA executives felt was both appropriate and necessary.


Membership with ThAAA must be renewed on an annual basis for members to maintain their membership in good-standing.  It is the responsibility of members to monitor and maintain their membership status and to download and fill out the membership renewal form and send in along with their membership renewal fee.  It is a common practice for members to renew their membership along with registering for the annual ThAAA Annual Education Day and AGM.

Scans or images of filled out Membership Renewal forms can be e-mailed along with any required documentation to

Membership renewal payment(s) can be made either via physical cheque or money order or via the ThAAA PayPal button, as well as via e-transfer to the ThAAA Treasurer e-mail:  New member registration/membership fees are the same as annual membership renewal fees..

Physical Membership Renewal forms along with payment cheques can be submitted by being mailed to:

ThAAA Registrar
P.O Box 29004
Edmonton AB T6H 5Z6

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