If you are looking to join the Therapy Assistant Association of Alberta (ThAAA), this page will tell you how to and provide you the documents you will need to apply or renew your membership, as well as help guide you in paying for your membership.

All members of the Association (ThAAA) must agree to abide by its Code of Ethics.

Our membership year runs May – April of each year, and members are required to submit a filled-out membership renewal form and pay the annual membership fee.  It is the responsibility of each member to self-monitor their membership status and ensure that their membership is maintained in good-standing.  Reminder e-mails will be sent out throughout the year and good-standing membership is necessary for taking advantage of the membership-price for the Annual Education Day/AGM.
Completed forms can be sent via email to or mailed to the address on the form.  Payment can be made via PayPal on our website, by mailing a cheque along with your completed form or via e-transfer to the ThAAA Treasurer e-mail address:

Currently, the online form submission link is not working and under repair.  The printable version of the forms can be submitted via email ( or Canada Post, and payment is available through the PayPal button on the right side of our web page, by sending a cheque along with your completed form or via e-transfer to the ThAAA Treasurer e-mail address:

Membership in the Therapy Assistant Association of Alberta is available to those working in health-care therapy assistant roles, as well as those interested in learning more or becoming involved in work being done by therapy assistants.

To become a member of ThAAA, a filled-out application must be filled out and sent in via e-mail or standard mail-post along with an membership/registration fee, which can be made either via PayPal (LINK LOCATED WHERE?) or, again, via standard mail-post along with the registration application.  If an applicant has a degree or diploma from an education institution, a copy of the degree/diploma or certification of graduation will need to be submitted along with a membership registration.  If an applicant has been working as a therapy assistant and does not have a degree/diploma, a letter from the employer verifying employment and hours worked will be required.

Membership is held on an annual basis (March 31 -to- April 1st) and membership renewal is required annually.  Beginning October 1st of every year, the New Membership Application fee is reduced by 50% to pro-rate the half year that has already passed.  Again, this half-year priced reduction is only for New Membership Applications, NOT Membership Renewals.

In order to maintain membership in-good-standing, members are required to submit a membership renewal form along with annual membership dues.

Categories & Requirements


Membership in the Th.A.A.A is open to all Persons who:

  • Support the purpose, and are interested in furthering the objectives of the Association.
  • Meet the criteria for membership as established by the Bylaws, and supplemented by the Board in Policy.

There are six categories of membership:

  1. Certified Member
  2. Practicing Member
  3. Student Member
  4. Associate Member
  5. Out of Province Member
  6. Honorary Lifetime Member

General Requirements:

All members except an Honorary Lifetime Member must:

  • Support the purpose and objectives of the Th.A.A.A.
  • Submit a completed application form to the Board
  • Pay fees as designated by the Board

Certified Members

A Certified Member must:

a) Have aTherapy/RehabilitationDiploma from a
recognized institution inOT, PT, SLPorRT AND/OR
b) Have worked as an OT, PT, SLP or RT Assistant a
minimum of 3000 hours of supervised practice over 3
c) Maintain certification by completing the annual
continuing competence requirements
d) Currently meet the requirements of a Practicing
Member (see below)

Documented evidence of your professional achievement leads to recognition and respect for your abilities as a therapy assistant.

Practicing Members

A Practicing Member must:

a) Be currently employed as a Therapy/Rehabilitation
Assistant in one of the four disciplines in Alberta or
b) Have been employed as a Therapy/Rehabilitation
Assistant in one of the four disciplines (OT, PT, SLP or RT)
i) within the past two years
ii) can provide evidence of that employment
iii) currently resides in Alberta

Student Member

A Student Member must:
a) Be enrolled in an OT, PT, SLP, RT, or Rehabilitation Assistant diploma program from a recognized institution.

Associate Member

An Associate Membership is held by:

a) An individual or group with an interest in the Th.A.A.A. and the field of Therapy Assisting.

Out of Province Member

An Out of Province Membership is held by a person:

a) Who is working as a Therapist, Therapy or Rehabilitation Assistant, Aide or Attendant in OT, PT, SLP, and/or RT outside of the province of Alberta.

Honorary Lifetime Member

An Honorary Lifetime Member is held by a person who must:

a) Support the purpose and objects of the Th.A.A.A.

b) Have been employed as an Assistant, Aide or Attendant in OT, PT,RT, and/or SLP

c) Be an individual who has made outstanding contributions to the Th.A.A.A. or to the profession of Therapy Assisting.

d) Be nominated by a member in good standing. The individual’s nomination must receive unanimous support of all Board members.

e) The Members of the Th.A.A.A. must also approve the individual’s Honorary Lifetime Membership at the next Annual General Meeting.

Updated Winter 2020