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Below you will find links to resources offered to Association members whose membership is current and in-good-standing.

Professional Liability Insurance for Therapy Assistants

The Therapy Assistant Association of Alberta is proud to announce that it is now able to provide access private liability insurance to Certified Members.  The insurance is offered through HDF insurance and underwritten by Intact Insurance.

The insurance program highlights include:

All plans include:

  • $6 million in Professional Liability (includes $300,000 in Disciplinary Defense cost all with no deductible) for $75
  • Security & Privacy limit of $50,000
  • Penal Legal Costs up to $300,000
  • “Legal Guard” telephone assistance
  • Therapy and counselling endorsement up to $20,000 per claim (What is this?)

Add on either:

  • $2 million General Liability (includes Libel and Slander coverage) for additional $140
  • $5 million General Liability (includes Libel and Slander coverage) for additional $220

The page describing the insurance program can be found at:           

The insurance application can be found at:

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