How do I advertise a job posting on your website?

Please see the form listed under “Job Postings” on how to post a job ad or contact the Th.A.A.A. by email jobpostings@thaaa.ca.

I’m an oversees Physical Therapist and would like to work as a Therapy Assistant in Alberta, am I able to do this?

Many employers require that a successful applicant for a therapy assistant position have a therapy assistant diploma. Assistants are uniquely trained to provide a supportive role to therapists; which differs from PT training. However, at this time we are not a regulated profession, so employers are able to hire anyone they deem a suitable candidate.

I’ve been trained overseas as a Physical Therapist and am currently working as a Therapy Assistant. Do I qualify to be certified with your Association?

Our criteria to become a certified member of the Association is to hold a therapy (therapist)/rehabilitation assistant diploma from a recognized institution in Canada or to have a minimum of 3000 hours of continuous work experience as an assistant in one of the four
professions we represent: occupational therapy, physical therapy, speech language pathology or recreation therapy.

The Association is currently not looking at equivalencies from countries outside of Canada as qualifying experience for certification as we do not have the manpower or processes in place to assess the qualifications of other school programs across the world. If you do not meet the qualifying criteria, you would still be welcome to join our Association as a Practicing or Associate member which would entitle you to our perks (access to our Education Grant, free education sessions, voting privileges and more).
Look on our website under the membership tab for more information on these additional categories.

Are there any other associations dedicated solely to Therapist Assistants in Canada? And if so, would my Alberta membership be transferable to another association?

There is an association dedicated to therapy assistants in Saskatchewan called the Saskatchewan Association of Therapist Assistants. They can be reached at vrilmccreadyworth@hotmail.com OR jeanine_russell@yahoo.ca.
There is also the Rehabilitation Assistant Association of British-Columbia that represents assistants in four disciplines: OT, PT, SLP and Rec Therapy. Their website is http://www.raaofbc.ca/
Your membership is not transferable to any other association.