Promotions Committee

Lisa Reid

Lisa Reid

Lisa worked in Early Childhood Development for several years before going on to receive on-the-job training as a TA in schools.  She has been working as a SLPA for AHS for over 12 years with Adults in stroke and brain injury rehabilitation and acute care. Lisa is passionate about her job and finds it very rewarding. She has been a member of the ThAAA since 2004 and joined the Promotions Committee in 2013.


Patricia Wilson –  I started years ago, as a Therapy Assistant in the schools doing all programs – OT, PT and Speech!  About 10 years ago I made the leap to a SLPA in Paediatric Rehab. in Red Deer.  Four years ago, I changed to Adult Speech and currently work in Halvar Jonson Centre for Brain Injury.  I love what I do!! Throughout my career I have held various volunteer positions with the union and in other organizations.  I am looking forward to working in the Promotions Committee as I have been with THAAA since inception!


Luciana Floreancig

Luciana Floreancig – I have been a therapy Assistant for 18 years now at the Glenrose working in pediatrics. I have been a member of the therapy assistant association for the past 10+ years. I am passionate about my role as a TA and feel that all TA’s should be proud of the work we do. Being a part of the Association is so important as it establishes us as being paraprofessionals. All professions have their associations which are mandatory to their working. I feel the therapy association should be a stepping stone for TA’s to move forward in being recognized as an essential part of the rehab team.



Student Advisory Committee

The Student Advisory Committee was started at the end of 2016.  We invite one student from each Education Institute to be an adhoc to the Executive Board and Promotions Committee.  We encourage them to share their suggestions and feedback while gaining insight of the actions required to run an organization such as this.

Requirements to be a member of the Student Advisory Committee:

  • be a member of the ThAAA
  • agree to the Code of Conduct
  • promote the ThAAA to other students at your Academic Institute
  • gather feedback from students and faculty at the Institute
  • be as involved as your academic studies allow to help plan and organize ThAAA events

Jessica Lomas

Jessica Lomas –  Jessica is in her second year at MacEwan University in the Physical Therapy/ Occupational Therapy Assistant Program. She saw an opportunity to get students more involved in THAAA and is now the first student committee member. Jessica has always wanted to help people and hopes to one day work with chronic pain management and individuals who have had an amputation. She sees a great future in THAAA and is excited to see how the association develops in the near future.