New Membership Application

  • ThAAA membership year runs May 1 through April 30. New Membership applications received between November - March automatically receive half price fees.
  • Please check the box that best describes your situation and upload the appropriate documentation below.
  • Practicing Member- Must be employed as a therapy/rehab assistant
  • Student Member- Must be enrolled in a college level diploma program recognized by the Association, see website
  • Associate Member- For those with an interest in the profession of therapy assistants
  • Out of Province Member- For those who wish to be members, but live outside the province of Alberta
  • All correspondence will be via email and failure to provide an email may exclude you from updates from the Association.
  • I pledge to abide by the bylaws of the Association. I verify that all information and documentation has been provided and is true and correct in every aspect.
  • For Certified Members Only

  • Belonging to a professional association that grants certification identifies you as a professional partner in healthcare. The standards to earn and maintain your status as a Certified Member will demonstrate to your colleagues, employer and other rehab professionals that you have met strict requirements to gain certification and are dedicated to participating in professional development and actively collaborating with therapists for the optimal outcome of your clients. Please see our website for further information regarding certification (

    Competency Policy- Annual Competency Requirements Each Certified Member is expected to adhere to the following guidelines:

    A) A minimum of 10 hours of documented learning opportunities each year accumulated over 2 different education opportunities that are relevant to your position.

    B) Certified members are encouraged to set goals to develop areas of need and seek new learning opportunities each year.

    Note: We will not accept mandatory job training such as CPR or WHMIS as valid education opportunities as these are requirements of your job and not additional educational opportunities required to maintain certification.
  • I choose to participate in the certification program provided by the Therapy Assistant Association of Alberta and agree to abide by the requirements set forth to maintain certified status. I verify that I have the necessary credentials/training to be certified as a (ie. PTA, OTA, etc or combination of). I verify that all information that has been provided is true and correct in every aspect.